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(#1426) AA Atlanta History Discussion 1 (Atlanta, GA)
1978-9 in Decatur, GA  EVENT: Discussion at Neely D's home  TYPE: AA, Both, Historical


Discussion Concerning History of AA in Atlanta (Recorded by Jack C.) held at Neely D's home in Decatur.

Best listened to with headphones as some of the background conversation is important to the content.

Neely was the first Delegate from Georgia (Area 16 Panel 2 - 1952-3) and the first female Delegate ever to the AA General Service Conference

The speakers are:

1st-James M. - Since June 1942 - AA had been in Atlanta 1 year. Says Bill W started the meeting at the Federal Pen when he came to Atlanta.

2nd-Neely D. - 1st time in 1943 but did not stay sober til 1945.

3rd-Joe P. - Came to GA June 1953 then July 1953 sober since 1949 (past Delegate Area 16)

4th-Fred N. - 11/29/1948-The Downtown Group

A second session by the same taper was held 8/19/1979.

The exact date of this recording is unknown. It is assumed it preceded the one in August 1979.

Area 16 Archives item: C002-01

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