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(#2143) Bill W and six members (TX,OH,FL,CA,NY)
7/29/1950 in Cleveland, OH  EVENT: 1st AA International  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical, Traditions

AA International in Cleveland, OH 1950

AA Adopts the 12 Traditions

Confirmed from GSO Archives, this meeting took place Saturday 7/29/1950 starting at 2 pm in the Music Hall in Cleveland on the second day of the Convention. Dr. Bob gave his famous talk the following day.

Six members share on two Traditions each (spellings of names are a guess):

Traditions 1 and 2: Olen, Dallas, TX - 4:11

Traditions 3 and 4: Dick, Cleveland, OH - 5:09

Traditions 5 and 6: Gene, Toledo, OH - 12:47

Traditions 7 and 8: Judd, Florida - 8:05

Traditions 9 and 10: George, Carlsbad, CA - 5:18

Traditions 11 and 12: Kylie, Boston, MA- 11:33

Bill is introduced then speaks for 27:02 before calling for any opposed to rise. He encourages them to stand but states he believes the vote will carry anyway. No one rose. This foreshadows Concept 5 adopted 12 years later in 1962:

Throughout our structure, a traditional "Right of Appeal" ought to prevail, so that minority opinion will be heard and personal grievances receive careful consideration.

So the Traditions were not so much voted for as not voted against but Bill had already lobbied hard to insure he knew the outcome before the vote was held.

NOTE: The ZIP file version (available via the BURN tab if you are viewing this from a PC) has all the speakers split out and the actual vote split out, as well, into its own track (2:57).

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