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Willie B-Frank M-John W
Total time across all 10 files is 10.5 hours.
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Twelve and Twelve Step Sudy - 1994 - Pompano Beach, FL

Willie B of Spring, TX (female)

Frank M of New York, NY - GSO Archives

John W of Pompano Beach, FL

A walk through the Steps with an emphasis on the conference approved literature: The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Willie shared events with Joe and Charlie many times on these long, intense, literature centered workshops. A "getting older but not old" Harley-riding, Texas school marm and recovering alcoholic.

Frank M was the GSO archivist at the time of this event and John is an AA history enthusiast and longtime member of AA in Florida.

There is also a session on the History of AA and one on the Traditions.


(#1788) John W-Step 5 (Pompano Beach, FL)
5/19-22/1994 in Pompano Beach, FL  EVENT: Big Book Comes Alive - 1994  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

Part 6 - Step 5

John W, Pompano Beach, FL

(38 min) (8.8 MB) (id#1788)