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(#2125) Phil M (Monroe, GA)
April 2000 in Ft Wayne, IN  EVENT: 20th N. E. Indiana Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 12 years since 2/2/1988, Phil is country funny with a powerful ending.

This is his first talk to a group this size.

After getting sober, a neighbor offered him a beer over the fence and when Phil refused, the neighbor told him he had not in some time needed to hide his kids in the middle hall to keep them from the gun fire at Phil's house.

The IRS got in touch with him after he got sober as he had only filed taxes once when he just got out of high school. He is paid up now.

He spent time in prison but not for the IRS.

Today he has all the things he didn't think he ever wanted.

He tells a great story about getting a Superman costume as a kid and jumping off the porch rail. After hitting the ground hard, he never wore that suit again.

He was recently injured at work. Self-employed with Hep-C, he had no health insurance.

AA showed up in such numbers, the hospital had to ask them to leave to make room for the guests of other patients.

(57 min) (13.2 MB) (id#2125)