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(#421) TIna H (Austin, TX)
9/14/2013 in Houston, TX  EVENT: SETA Corrections Facility Conference  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Speaking at the Southeast Texas Area 67 Correctional Facilities Conference September 13, 14, and 15, 2013, Tina got sober 8/22/2000. From a broken home, mother alcoholic, she found alcohol gave her the strength to lose her fears and stand up for herself. Alcohol led to drugs, to dealing and multiple trips to jails and institutions.

She was married and a mother at 16 and again at 17. She loved her kids but could not keep sober for them. Their grandmother raised them. She was introduced to AA at age 18 but did not want what she thought we had. She came in again in the early 90's and got a sponsor and worked the steps but failed to enlarge her spiritual condition. Cancer and pain pills, though taken as prescribed, eventually led back to alcohol and years more of suffering. She finally admitted she was powerless in 2000.

She faced multiple felonies with mandatory sentences but stayed in AA and got involved in service. The outcome was miraculous. (Upload by a WeJoy listener. THANKS!)

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