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(#363) Brookins B (Milledgeville, GA)
7/18/2013 in Powder Springs, GA  EVENT: Macland Group 14th Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober since 12/2/1983, Brookins is a past Delegate of Area 16 (Georgia) and a solid member of AA. In Dick A's introduction of Brookins he said how just that evening he spoke with another member who was in middle Georgia recently. She needed a meeting and called the local AA hot line.It was Brookins that came out to pick her up and take her to a meeting.

Brookins wife Sara Jane B., past Georgia Delegate for Al-anon was also at the event. Watching her expressions while he spoke added a great deal to what was already a great talk.

Brookins died sober Friday October, 4, 2019.

Her talk in Cartersville, GA 2011 is also on WeJoy:

Sara Jane B. (AFG) of Milledgeville, GA in Cartersville, GA 2011

(49 min) (17.2 MB) (id#363)