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(#360) Jack K (Redondo Beach, CA)
1997 in Lincoln, NE  EVENT: Spring Fling  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Jack is married to Jean K in Al-Anon. They met in Greenwich Village, NY while living in the same apartment. He came to her apartment with a quart of beer and a volume of Dylan Thomas poetry. He got involved in managing theater productions and at times teaching drama.

After losing a great position in Ohio because of his drinking, he became a hippy teacher in California in the 60's. He got fired for helping students plot to take over the administration building. While he is out saving the planet, Jean is trying to hide his alcoholism. The two talks on their own are great but together they form a complete picture of the disease and recovery.

Listen to his wife Jean K (AFG) Redondo Beach CA at this same event

(54 min) (12.5 MB) (id#360)