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(#241) Pat M (Canton, GA)
12/6/2008 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: HOW Breakfast Club 11th Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Pat has been sober since 3/18/1988. The first time I met Pat, she came into the HOW Place in Woodstock, GA and I offered her a free CD of Beth G. of Brecksville, OH. Pat looked up curiously and said, "Brecksville. That's my home town. Beth G. That's my sponsor!". Pat came into the program in Ohio as housewife and mother who could not get and stay sober.

She grew up in a small Happy Days town in upstate New York. Fifth of six children in an alcoholic home. Her dad died by his own hand during a dry drunk. Her alcoholism always went to the dark side. Her last drunk was on St. Patrick's night 1988. She was in her bathrobe in her closet by candle light drinking Johnny Walker with green food coloring in it. For the first time she could not get drunk. Then she said "Dear God, I can't do this anymore. Please help me." That night God removed the obsession.

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