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(#193) Sam J (Dallas, TX)
8/20/2011 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: 34th Annual Cornhusker Round-up  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Married to Larry J (AA), who's talk at the same conference is also on WeJoy, Sam's real name is Anita. She is as much a lover of AA as Al-Anon. Many times it was the members of AA who help her when she needed it. Born in the small town of Cooper in Northeast Texas.

Her father died when she was nine. Her mother had to move to Dallas to make a living. Her mother married an "alcoholic" in Dallas. Sam held down four jobs at one time because she was bored.

She got the name Sam while working in an office where the manager considered her a flat-chested, jeans-wearing office boy. She wore jeans to work so she would be ready to horseback ride if the chance came. He gave her the nickname and it stuck. She tells how she met, dated and married Larry.

Larry J (AA) - Listen to Larry's share at this same event

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