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(#192) Larry J (Dallas, TX)
8/20/2011 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: 34th Annual Cornhusker Round-up  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Married to Anita "Sam" J (AFG), whose recording at the same conference is available on WeJoy, Larry quit drinking 7/5/1959 but he stopped drinking for good 9/18/1972. He got sober in Dallas, TX. AA has afforded him and his family many wonderful things a step at a time.

In the fall of 1972 he heard the message in a Treatment Center dining room from a man with five years in the program. Larry is a supporter and volunteer caring the message to prisons and treatment centers today. He has been following the simple plan laid down for him by that man from the dining room ever since.

He was born and raised in a cotton mill village in North Carolina. He was on his way to California on a geographic when he stopped in Dallas.

He was a car dealership general manager who later found it difficult to hold down a job as a car salesman. He agreed to marry Sam just after she bailed him out of jail for the nth time.

Listen to Anita "Sam" J (AFG) at this same event

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