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(#149) Pat R. (Ocenside, CA)
7/18-21/2002 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 27th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Long glowing introduction. Married to Cliff R. for 52 years. She is sick - she loves alcoholics especially the screwballs. Cliff was drunk and swearing when she met him and thought "This man needs Help," which is an Al-Anon four letter word. Shares some favorite miss-reads. She and Cliff don't have slightest idea what actually happened. Her's has a better chance of being correct because he was drunk. Had an uncle who they thought was strange because he carried a blue book and talked with drunks. She identifies with the man who said he thought he had all his ducks in a row when he came in but then he found they were not his ducks. Born and raised in a small town in California to hard working mid-western parents. Her mom was a periodic drunk.

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