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(#107) Juanita W. (Louisville, KY)
3/25-27/1987 in Chattanooga, TN  EVENT: 14th Annual Tennessee State Al-Anon Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

A sometimes grateful member of Al-anon since 1960 (27 years). Eligible by her husband who got sober in 1962. A member because she works at it and attends meetings regularly. An only child so she wanted six kids. God looked down and saw it upside down - they had nine children. One was in Alateen before she joined. Knew and dated her husband in High School.

Did not like his personality change. He said her personality changed. True was they both changed. Her head hurt the day after he drank because of over thinking. She never knew her father. Spent 11 years trying to fix her husband.

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