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(#208) Sister Ruth (Anderson, IL)
11/7/1998 in Jasper, IN  EVENT: 38th Tri-State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

I have had another recording of Sister Ruth for some years but one section of the tape was corrupted but has since been repaired.

I discovered this talk among the eight boxes of cassettes recently donated for conversion.

Ruth's parents are of German ancestry. She has been a nun over 50 years. She is a nurse by training.

She speaks in a delightful way about her escapades to hide her drinking from her fellows and family.

The greatest message is how she found God through the fellowship of AA.

She speaks of how the Program shows her God in action.

One of my all-time favorite listens.

(1 hr 5 min) (22.3 MB) (id#208)