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(#205) Sharon Ann L (Milledgeville, GA)
6/30/1999 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Northside Drive Al-Anon Group's Speaker  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Sharon Ann was introduced to Al-Anon 17 years ago but got serious about the program 13 years ago She does not like to speak but goes through her fear to help the member who might be suffering. Married to her husband over 30 years he is her qualifier. She was raised in a good family with good morals with no drugs or alcohol. She realized in the program that her parents bashed each other's family. Sharon Ann took on the role of Peace Maker - the Fixer. This pattern still crops up in her life. She came into the program in a great deal of pain from dealing with alcoholism in her family but the program has helped her find a God that has removed even the memory of the pain.

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