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(#1003) Ralph W-10-11 (Los Angeles, CA)
12/6/2015 in Buford, GA  EVENT: 7th Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

Steps 10-11

Sober 19 years since 10/11/1986, Ralph says, "The good news about doing 10 and 11, is that we already been through 1 through 9."

Ralph is a great communicator who, with his brother, has been holding a weekly Big Book study in the heart of Los Angeles since shortly after they got sober.

He was born and raised in Watts. His dad was forced to leave the family because of his alcoholism. His uneducated mother, worked two or more jobs, put herself through school and raised six boys.

All six wound up living off mama and compelling her to hide her purse to keep them from stealing from it. All the brothers got sober.

Ralph shares how he uses these vital steps to improve the quality of the lives of those around him an himself.

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