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(#985) Paula H (Land O'Lakes, FL)
12/29/89-1/1/90 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 10th Gratitude Weekend  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 11 years since mid January 1978, Paula had a sordid childhood with five alcoholic step fathers who abused Paula in every way. She shares what it was really like and not what she thinks the audience wants to hear. She was heavily co-dependent with her mother.

Paula could not read, spent four years in prostitution, was married six years to a "john" and gave birth to two daughters. She eventually left him.

Out of money, she went back to prostitution for four more years though she swore she would never go back to that addictive profession. A scuba diving accident made it so she could not work.

Her mother called her for help and later introduced Paula to the attraction of AA. At 27 years old Paula did not think she was alcoholic and decided to drink herself over the line. It took six weeks to come in AA for the first time 4/2/1970.

An retired teacher taught her how to read, helped her get a high school diploma and a job as a physical therapist assistant.

But Paula had not changed enough in AA. Her higher power was still a man. He chose his wife over her and Paula drank.

She married again. He was a drunk and an addict. She could not get sober and could not get high. Suicide became an alternative.

She met a young Christian recovered addict man in mid January 1978 and had a spiritual awakening. The obsession left her and she left her husband though she loved him and was mad at God.

Still crazy she got into Al-Anon and learned to let go with love.

She graduated college in 1983 with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She worked as an alcohol and drug abuse councilor.

Her mother died sober of cancer. Paula stayed sober.

Soon she will have her Master's Degree.


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