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Emotional Sobriety 12-19-2015
Total time across all 3 files is 1.9 hours.
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Emotional Sobriety Workshop

Sponsored by the Primary Purpose Group of Woodstock GA, this is a three session workshop conducted by Michael E, a female alcoholic.

The format was developed by Michael's sponsor Polly P. who did the first one at a women's retreat in Washington or Oregon in 1990.

There are three sessions with breaks in between and thus there are three recordings in the set.

NOTE: When burning to CD, the three sessions will fit easily on two CDs.

(#963) Michael E-Emotional Sobriety-1 (Evans, GA)
12/19/2015 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Emotional Sobriety Workshop  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop

Part 1-Intro thru Intolerance

(44 min) (10.2 MB) (id#963)