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(#1037) Carol T (Lawndale, CA)
April 1991 in Palm Springs, CA  EVENT: 4th Greater Palm Springs Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

A truly great Al-anon talk. I had not heard her before. Not sure when she joined the Program but it may have been over 20 years before.

Carol says everybody has a story that deserves to be told so every share in her home group is done from the microphone.

Born in North Dakota, an Army brat, one of 7 - her and 5 brothers and a younger sister. Her parents drank with no problems. The family moved around a lot with the military.

Ex-husband is her qualifier with many crazy stories of all she did to avoid divorce.

He beat her, she hit the kids and they kicked the dog.

Happily married at the time of this talk, her story is captivating and rock-solid Al-anon with a strong reliance on the Big Book as well.

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