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(#1307) Argus H (Los Angeles, CA)
8/11/2001 in Oklahoma City, OK  EVENT: IDAA Banquet  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

A very humorous, lively speaker, he says, "I go to AA and CA so I can enjoy LA without the DA."

This is the International Doctors in AA (IDAA) banquet, an organization founded in 1949.

The website states:

"International Doctors in AA is a fellowship of doctors and their families whose primary purpose is to support one another in recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions. There are no dues or fees to join. We are self supporting through our own contributions. The only requirement for membership is the doctor's desire to belong."

One WeJoy listener commented:

"I would say this is a comedy tape that does not relate to a share in Alcoholics Anonymous.
Just my opinion."

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