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(#4216) Annette B (Stoney Creek, ON)
3/15/2022 in online  EVENT: Serenity Improvement Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober over 41 years since 1980, Annette grew up in Toronto with interesting parents. Her father took them on vacations on purpose to dangerous places. Annette spent much of the time afraid until she found weed and alcohol around age 11.

Her dad asked her once, "Why are you doing this to yourself?", and she said, "Good questions, I don't even know why myself."

Expelled from school, fired from jobs, jails, psyche wards, selfish, self-centered, highly anxious, she always compared her insides with "their" outsides.

Taken to the emergency room in a shopping cart, she had a moment of clarity, "If I don't do something about my drinking, I'm going to die."

She went into a treatment program at age 19 and never drank again.

"Just like that."

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