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(#644) Angie B (Dothan, AL)
10/17-20/2013 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 60th Georgia Pre-paid  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Angie came to her first Al-anon meeting in 1978. Two words sum up her childhood experience - different and secret. Raised by a military dad and an alcoholic mom though she did not know that about her mom. Angie read all the time. She looked for the secret to life but did not find it. She can be a room with 500 people and the light will shine on the only alcoholic present.

Her first husband was drunk and abusive.

She never saw her second husband when he was not drunk.

The third husband did not drink and he was boring. After the divorce he started drinking and got much more interesting. so they remarried.

The fourth was a toupee wearing, wino gentleman farmer who could not stand to be seen without it.

She realized there was a common denominator in all these marriages - her. She did not marry again for many years. Al-anon taught her how to be the friend and lover she had always wanted to be.

Her daughter from the first marriage, Amanda, is a large part of her story.

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