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(#1491) One Day at a Time (Aruba,Nova Scotia,NY)
July 2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

AAI05-One Day at a Time

A Chairperson and three members, from a wide range of locations, sharing on the topic

Chair: Mike

Mannie from Aruba, German by birth, she has lived in Aruba for 16 years because they did not have enough rum in Germany. Speaking of AA:
"It did wash my brain because it needed washing."

Frank from Nova Scotia, soft spoken, he attended his first meeting in a little barber shop in a small town but he thought AA was "OK for you old fellows." He later came into AA in Halifax to learn controlled drinking.
"If you keep coming to AA, AA will get you."
"I try my darnedest not live in the past except for the pleasant things."

Irene from New York, a lively speaker, she is the Corrections rep for the Central New York Area.

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