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AAI10-Women in AA

This is one of the best sessions of the 2010 International. Carla M. of California as Chairperson, Dawn W. of New York - 1st speaker, Rebeka L. of Arizona - 2nd speaker, Beverly C. of Florida  - 3rd speaker, all speaking on the topic "Women in A.A." in Ballroom B  starting at 1:00 pm  for approximately 20 minutes each.

( 59 min) ( 6.8 MB) AA, Female, Workshop
AA International 2010 San Antonio, TX 7/2/2010
Adrienne B
New York, NY

Sober since 10/29/1984, Adrienne retired from the General Service Office (GSO) in New York on 11/15/2013. Once a staff member always a staff member. Raised in Harlem, she always thought she needed to have the answers even if she had to make them up. She did not drink early on because she saw what it did to people. Her dad got drunk, her mom hit him in the head with a frying pan and kicked him out. He later was murdered. Her mother and grandmother died when she was 15 and 16. Her Uncle became her "dad" and her aunt became her "mom". Her grandmother had spoiled her but she was now expected to be responsible and do chores. All these events and others turned her against God. She went to college and did all the things she said she would never do.

This is a strong story from a trusted servant.

( 58 min) ( 13.3 MB) AA, Female, Story
61st Georgia Pre-Paid Jekyll Island, GA 10/17/2014
Alabam C.
North Hollywood, CA

Alabam loved her men. She was quite a character  in AA and that is saying alot. She married a wealth man.  After he died she turned more toward the bottle.  Some men in AA helped her detox and she began to get her sanity back, become self-supporting through her own contributions and start a whole new life. 

This is one of the first recordings I converted from cassette tape to MP3 six years ago. I loved it so much I started looking for more.

( 1 hr ) ( 27.5 MB) AA, Female, Story
15th Caprock Convention Lubbock, TX 7/22/1989
Allyn S
Glenview, IL

Sober 14 years  since 12/25/1980, Allyn was recently married to a non-alcoholic attending his first event and hearing her speak for the first time. She grew up in Glenview, IL to where she has recently returned. Her church going family gave her a foundation that would later awaken in the program. She realizes today that it was not the things that happened in her family but the way she reacted - that she took everything personally. She describes herself as thin-skinned.  Her first drink was on Christmas break from religious boarding school given to her by her dad. She had to wait til college to drink the way she wanted. By the time she was a junior blacking out and as a senior she was in depression. She decided to become a nurse. She got the notion that to be happy she needed to change her circumstances and thus started a series of geographics.

( 1 hr ) ( 13.8 MB) AA, Female, Story
20th Atlanta Roundup Atlanta, GA 7/20-23/1995
Allyson Z.
Roswell, GA

Speaking at an Al-anon conference. Young with enthusiasm, passion and reaches out to young people in the program. Sobriety date 1/25/2002 at 22 year old. First drink at 8 years old on straight scotch watching the Brady Bunch. Alcohol was quickly not enough and switched to huffing Scotch Guard. Nobody knew. Her brother in and out of treatment, parents having problems, too, used it as an excuse. Made great grades, star athlete but with a secret night life. By 8th grade she used and drank every day. Relationship problems, lying, stealing. Went to Peachford in Atlanta and AA at the 8111 Club at 13 years old. Could not identify with all these old guys. Asked if she was willing to go to any length to get sober. Could stay sober for 30 days at a time. Went on like that and was miserable. Could not maintain the double life. Tried to kill her mom with a hammer with a plan to then be able to  fly to Puerto Rico and be able to drink and use all day. At 14 left home and did whatever needed to drink and use. Later moved back with her dad. Went in treatment voluntarily  for 14+ months from ages 15 to 17. Best thing that could have happened. Got honest for first time in life. Moved home, back to school but didn't change the people, places and things or work the steps. Drank again. Obsession kicked in. Got a DUI. Became a dealer at college. Started hiding bottles and obsessing. Met a guy who had her quit drugs but booze OK. Secretly drinking - blacking out - shame and guilt. Boyfriend gave ultimatum. Came to AA to friends who missed her and has been sober since. Click here to hear her mom Ann H. who spoke at the same conference.

( 49 min) ( 22.6 MB) AA, Female, Story
32nd Alanon Pineisle Fellowship Lake Lanier Islands, GA 2/26-28/2010
Angel S.
Los Angeles, CA

Keep AA for Alcoholics - big on singleness of purpose. Booze causes alcoholism. A functioning intellectual when she came in. Got sober 3/28/1979 because a women came in her antique store and said, "Maybe booze is your problem." The obsession was lifted right then and it has not come back.

( 39 min) ( 18.3 MB) AA, Female, Story
Bakersfield, CA 5/15/1993
Angie D.
Blythe, CA

Angie D. is a favorite of many women in AA. She is a lively Hispanic with a great sense of humor. She experienced gang life growing up. She speaks of how her husband really knows how to take care of her today. A must have for any collection.

( 1 hr 11 min) ( 32.8 MB) AA, Female, Story
Melon City Roundup Muscatine, IA 9/27/1996
Ann K
Cartersville, GA

Ann got sober 1/3/1995. Her alcoholic mother had seven children from five husbands. Ann married a soldier at 17 to leave her chaotic  home. She quit high school to take care of her sisters because her mother had cancer she refused to treat. Ann began to drink but swore she would never drink like her mother.

Ann left that marriage and moved to Hawaii got a cosmetology degree and eventually open her own successful salon. She joined Al-anon years before AA, had many failed relationships with alcoholic men, lost the salon when all the staff left at once. She  moved with her two children to a one bedroom apartment in a crack neighborhood.

On Christmas 1994 she did what she swore she would never do and finally came into AA. AA strong sponsorship taught her how to behave appropriately. One more failed marriage while sober but now she finally has a real relationship, a partnership, with her current husband.  

( 58 min) ( 20.2 MB) AA, Female, Story
No Excuses Meeting Acworth, GA 8/22/2014
Ann P
Westminister, CA

Sober since June 16, 1978, 26 years sober, Ann is an Irish born red head who was known for being crazy long after she got sober. What the program has done for her is truly remarkable. She came to AA at 22 years old.  She has been through a great deal in sobriety. She is lively and quick. Enjoy!

( 57 min) ( 19.7 MB) AA, Female, Story
Spring Fling Sacramento, CA Feb 1997
Annette J
Conyers, GA

Sober since Dec 7, 1977, Annette was reared in Stone Mountain, GA when it was still country. She did not drink until she was 24 but eventually gave up her children because she could not stop drinking. Once sober, she was guided by good sponsorship to respond appropriately when she was denied visits often in violation of court orders. She also speaks about her recent divorce and the reuniting with her kids.

( 56 min) ( 26 MB) AA, Female, Story
25th Allatoona Roundup Cartersville, GA 8/16/2002
Avery S.
Atlanta, GA

Avery is an icon in Atlanta AA. She works with Helen R. at the Intergroup Central Office. She is one of the many beautiful black women in recovery. She shares on what it is like at Central Office. Avery came into the program in Chicago in 1979 and got sober in 1982. Talks about the program of recovery and the steps - what happened and how it helped her. Mother and father both had a drinking problem. Her father died of drinking right before she came to AA. Got arrested for DUI and found she had a long record she did not know about. Signed herself into 28 day treatment and thought she might have been a little hasty.  Got out and was dry for 3 months and then off and on for 3 years in AA.

( 1 hr 19 min) ( 36.5 MB) AA, Female, Story
26th Atlanta Roundup Atlanta, GA 7/21/2001
Beth C
New York, NY

Sober since 1951 and working as a GSO Staff member in New York and speaking to the Georgia State Service Assembly. The recording quality is very good.

This recording is part of the GSSA Archives collection. (GSSA#RR0065)

( 34 min) ( 16 MB) AA, Female, Story, Historical
Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA) Macon, GA Sept 1969
Beth G.
Brecksville, OH

Funny, informative and passionate: Beth told her sponsor she can't wait to get "there", who said, "You will never get 'there'. Its a journey". Beth is a housewife who hid her wine hanging out the window in a bottle on a rope and in the douche bag. Her dad was murdered in a speak-easy when she was a child. Beth comes from a long line of alcoholics but is one because she picked up the first drink. They call this a lonely sickness. After she came to the program her sponsor went with her on a very funny 12 step call. Our job his giving Hope to the new comer.

I once handed this talk to a new woman at my home group. She looked at the CD and said "Brecksville is my home town. Beth is my sponsor." Turns out she was 19+ years sober,  considering relocating and looking for a home group. We both considered it another God-shot.

( 1 hr 15 min) ( 34.6 MB) AA, Female, Story
16th Annual Area 29 Fall Conference Hagerstown, MD 10/26/2000
Beth H
Cary, NC

Beth is the author of the story in the Big Book "Empty on the Inside" - 4th Edition Page 512. Sober since 6/6/1988, she is a lively speaker with a good message.

( 58 min) ( 26.6 MB) AA, Female, Story, Author
Luck O' the Irish Omaha, NE 3/15/2002
Beverly D.
Chattsworth, CA

Lively speaker. Recovered but not cured. We have solved our drink problem on a daily basis. Loves the Big Book. Still a party girl. Black-out drinker, pregnant and married in that order by 16. Got divorced and bought a liquor store. Always blamed others but the trouble was in the glass. Describes in detail how she went through the steps.

( 1 hr 7 min) ( 30.9 MB) AA, Female, Story
Montana Spring Roundup Butte, MT 5/14/1993
Bonnie M.
Phoenix, AZ

Funny and touching.  She stayed in AA even she thought she could not make it. Grew up in a small town in New England. Her mom married her dad for potential - no outward signs of love. Grew up in fear and loneliness. Lived in a fairy tale waiting for her prince. Discovered her mom's booze at 15 and blacked out from the beginning. Got pregnant in late 1950's as result of a marine party and got married angry. Tried many geographic moves.  Became more and more depressed and suicidal and went to live near Daddy but mom became her drinking buddy. A year later Daddy and Grandaddy died suddenly. Her doctor prescribed pills that became a way of life for 14 years. Has 3 years with no recall. Became a foster mother during her illness. Called a hotline after failed suicide and went to treatment,  withdrawal and near complete loss of memory. But she still had hope.

( 1 hr 1 min) ( 28 MB) AA, Female, Story
44th Kentucky State AA Convention Paduca, KY 1994
Brenda F
Polk City, FL

Soft spoken - insightful. If not born an alcoholic, when she took her first drink, an alcoholic was born. Married and divorced the first person she drank with. Drank whenever available.  In California in the 60's and kept meeting 'who's next'.  Remarried a navy troop transport man  who was often gone. He got shore duty and she left to something new - a Hell's Angel. She drank less but went to prison for two years for heroin. Went to one AA meeting there. Her Angel got long prison sentence so she moved in with daddy. Came of age when locked up. Married a nice man who worked, paid bills but drank like she did. Had  a daughter but he got tired of wrecked cars and she left. Could not take care of her daughter and she let her go to her father. Had 4 DUI's in CA, 3 in GA another in AL so changed names regularly. Went to truck driving school under fake name. This was the answer - could always go somewhere else.Had no skills for living except finding who's next. Married an abusive career criminal truck driver she drove with who hated drinking. She had the idea nice girls get married. He is now in prison.  He nearly beat her to death once but, being sober, they believed him at first. He fled. December 1985, she drove off a cliff near a lake, trapped, she made a deal with God. Stopped drinking but took five years to come to AA using pills. Finally came to AA 11 years ago (1990) incoherent, at the the end of her rope. Her sponsor and others taught her how to be appropriate inside and outside - putting the principles in action on a daily basis. They showed her what they did and what they got.

( 1 hr 3 min) ( 28.9 MB) AA, Female, Story
Fellowship by the Sea Myrtle Beach, SC 2001
Brenda L.
Wayzata, MN

Sober 18 years  since 1/11/1980. " To whom much is given, much is expected." Her husband has had the same sponsor for 25 years. Tends to jump around in telling her story between sobriety and drinking. Grew up in a small town of 500  in NW Iowa. Her parents owned a bar. There was something magical about that bar. Started drinking at 14 and took her last drink at 22. Never wanted to be where she was, in her own skin. Today she is OK wherever she is. Went to college and got into radio broadcasting when there were few women in the industry. Did well for a while but at 22 got laid off for being a wonderful worker who didn't show up very often. Met her husband when she answered a help wanted Ad for someone to look after his kids. Did well for a time but decided to go out drinking on Tuesday and woke up Friday in a motel room after a blackout. She was done. When she called him, he said "Come back. You still have a job and I know where you ca get some help." She then found out he was sober in AA for 5 years.  She came back to work on Saturday and has been sober since. Many little stories of living and loving in sobriety.

( 53 min) ( 12.3 MB) AA, Female, Story
Sandpiper Roundup VII Myrtle Beach, SC 12/4-6/1998
Cahuenga B
Hollywood, CA

Sober since 6/23/1983, Cahuenga gives a strong and funny talk at this International Women's Conference. Born in LA to two hard working parents, dad Swedish and mother native american, and two perfect sisters. She would rather move stuff around that vacuum. She had her first drink when she was 16. She was given a break at 23 to get in the music business and get out of a factory job. She was successful and made lots of money and left her family behind. She even created a new identity to cover where she came from. Meanwhile she was picking up strange men at bars, leaving them in the parking lot and coming home to a husband she hoped would not notice. When she came into the rooms she had 76 cents, living in her car on Venice Beach for 7 months and needing something to eat.

( 1 hr 14 min) ( 50.9 MB) AA, Female, Story
32nd International Women's Conference Salt Lake City, UT 2/10/1996
Catherine P
Marietta, GA

A powerful story and great message - Catherine got sober in January 2000.The youngest of seven in a Catholic family, she says she was not the "baby" of the family. Her dad traveled and her mom was alcoholic so she had to take on responsibilities early in life. Her dad was abusive when he was home. Catherine realizes today that her parents gave her everything she needed to be successful and that she is alcoholic because she is alcoholic. Her older brothers introduced her to alcohol at an early age.

She was put in a Catholic private school that probably saved her life. She got into running early. She compartmentalized her life. She drank during the summers but during the track season substituted the obsessive running program for obsessive drinking.

She went to therapy to deal with childhood issues and came first to Al-anon. She even drank at Al-anon meetings. She came into AA when she was finally ready. Her family likes to talk about movies when they get together but when she really needs help she calls AA.

Her husband abandoned her in her first year in the program - pregnant. She nearly died from complications spending the last three months of pregnancy in the hospital. Her family could not be there but AA showed up. Ladies stayed overnight. It took her years to recover physically. The week before this talk she ran her 1st marathon ever - the Marine Marathon in D.C. - 26.2 miles with the last 0.2 up a steep hill to the famous marine monument. Now she looks forward to the next thing she gets to do as a result of this program.

( 43 min) ( 14.8 MB) AA, Female, Story
Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker Woodstock, GA 11/2/2013
Cathy B
Penrose, NC

Sober since 4/28/2000, Cathy describes herself as a total redneck. She has quite a few white chips. Is an emergency room nurse who became a nurse while sober, got away from the program then went back out before coming back in 2000. Very strong story.

( 50 min) ( 23.3 MB) AA, Female, Story
31st Oceanfront Conference Virgina Beach, VA 2/16/2007
Cheryl Ann B-H.
Jersey City, NJ

Sober 11 years since 6/1/1977 and speaking to a crowd of over 5,000, Cheryl is an alcoholic and an employee of GSO in NY. Born and raised north of Boston in a home with an alcoholic "wild hellion" mom and a father from a strict upbringing. The "ism" came before she started drinking. Only had faith in things she could see and hold. She rebelled from the Catholic School and ran away from home at 19 to Boston without leaving even a note. Started blackout drinking immediately. Alcohol was her answer for the next 13 years working for a major airline. The alcoholic is cunning and baffling not the alcohol.  Had a responsible job and carried on like a 2 year old. Her mother came into AA first and Cheryl followed some months afterward. In AA she found a higher power and the healing power of forgiveness.

( 1 hr 1 min) ( 21.1 MB) AA, Female, Story
Gopher State Roundup Minneapolis, MN 5/28/1988
Chrissy P
Malewa, Oahu

This is a delightful talk. A native Hawaiian, Chrissy is second generation AA. Her parents got sober when she was six years old. A strong Tom-boy, she had her first drink at 14 years old. Her second drug of choice was "you" which is why her life was unmanageable. She mistakenly thought the "lives" being turned over to God in the third step were all hers. She hit bottom at 24 years old in what she called a make-believe marriage. She discovered her God has a middle name - Forgiveness. Taken from cassette, the recording starts with slight bass tone but later clears up during the most powerful parts of her sharing. 

( 52 min) ( 8.9 MB) AA, Female, Story
37th IAAWC Honolulu, HI 2/8/2001
Christie M
Columbus, GA

Christie is a trained nurse who got hooked on Percoset then alcohol. She is the mother of three daughters and wife of Dr. Jim M (AFG) whose talk is on WeJoy.org. All the children were exposed to the program earlier. Christie was in an out of the program many times before she got it. Her bottom was very low on the inside though it did not always look that way on the outside.

( 53 min) ( 12.3 MB) AA, Female, Story
17th Arizona AFG Area Convention Tempe, AZ 5/22/1993
Coleen Y
Louisville, KY

Sober since 8/2/1985, the old timers told her when she was nervous that it was God trying to shake the truth out of her. She grew up in public housing in Louisville but in the 60's it was not as run down as it is now. Her parents and siblings are almost all admitted alcoholics. They say alcoholism runs in families but in her's it galloped. She learned alot of things fast on the street. She never felt enough - pretty enough, smart enough - and a hole inside that could never get full. She married several alcoholics. Had an affair with a judge and drank herself out of that job. She began to compromise every value she had. Went to work in a bar when "he" showed up and was married in two weeks. He was and alcoholic who had a wallet that took them into a horrible relationship. Her brother got sober in AA shorty before her dad died of the disease in 1982. It took her 3 more years to find sobriety.

( 1 hr 3 min) ( 21.7 MB) AA, Female, Story
Fellowship By The Sea Myrtle Beach, SC Sept 2003